Sagatay Economic Development

Whitesand First Nation established Sagatay Economic Development LP in 2010. The Company was made into a reality after the First Nation realized the potential economic growth on its traditional territory. The Chief and Council of the Whitesand First Nation understood the importance of separating the Economic Development activities from the Administrative structure and this allowed for greater efficiency.

Sagatay, since 2010, has been administering the employment service agreement with Landore Resources, a junior mining company doing exploration on the Whitesand traditional territory. Sagatay also maintains roads in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources, for our harvesting, hunting/fishing and traditional land use. Sagatay has also been a part of a Training and Skills Development phase within the First Nation. Our Workforce is current in any required skills that are needed now and/or foreseen in the upcoming projects.

In terms of future projects, Sagatay has a great future. The Chief and Council continues to finalize negotiations for a Co-Gen Pellet Plant, Whitesand Armstrong Rock Quarry, Old Whitesand Shoreline Project and various wood harvesting contracts with Resolute Forest Products. This positive growth will generate more opportunities for Sagatay in the very near future.

In looking to the Economic future of the traditional territory, Sagatay is laying the foundation for a strong workforce with our People, for our People and future endeavors.




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